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George Booth Wife: Who Is Dione Booth?

George Booth Wife

George Booth was an American cartoonist best known for his work for the New Yorker magazine. George Booth’s cartoons typically depicted an older everyman, everywoman, or every couple befuddled by modern complexities, perplexing one another, or interacting with cats and dogs.

George Booth was born in Cainsville, Missouri, in the United States of America, on June 28, 1926. George Booth died at the age of 96, leaving behind a life well lived and a flood of tributes. George Booth is said to have died as a result of a dementia complication. He passed away at the age of 96. He passed away on 1st November, 2022.

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George Booth Wife: Who Is Dione Booth?

In reality, George Booth was married to Dione Booth. They’d been doing it for over five decades. In 1958, they married. Dione Booth was not as well-known as her husband, so little is known about her. James, Grace, Warren, Henry, and Florence Booth were the children of George and Dione Booth.

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