As each new month begins, it presents an opportunity for a fresh start and God’s renewed blessings. Send off the old month and welcome the promise of a new one with these happy new month prayers, wishes and blessings.

  1. May this new month overflow with the peace of God, joy, miracles, healing and grace. Wishing you a fresh start this first day.
  2. As the sun rises to welcome a new day, I pray it shines upon you with God’s mercy and favor. Happy new month!
  3. May you be granted strength, wisdom and focus for everything planned this month. Welcome new blessings!
  4. This first day of a new month, I pray that God leads you on the path of righteousness, prosperity and breakthroughs.
  5. I pray that God opens new doors of opportunity and fills your heart with hope and courage. Happy new month!
  6. On this beautiful new day, I pray that your life overflows with God’s goodness, joy, love and endless possibilities.
  7. May you be renewed with optimism, inspiration and the spirit of excellence this first day of the month.
  8. As you begin this new month, I pray that God guides your decisions and grants you discernment. Wishing you a month full of miracles!
  9. May divine light illuminate your path today and all through the month. Happy new month!
  10. This first day, I pray you are uplifted with strength to accomplish everything planned for this month and beyond.
  11. May God’s favor surround you like a shield and protect you against all evil. Welcome the new month!
  12. I declare this month filled with blessings, breakthroughs, prosperity and the fulfillment of your heart’s desires. Happy new month!
  13. On this first day, I pray that God leads you to people and opportunities that will add value to your life.
  14. As you begin the new month, may you discover new gifts and talents deposited in you by God.
  15. Wishing you a month flowing with peace, love, happiness and all of God’s blessings. Happy new month!
  16. May this month bring you growth, clarity, peace of mind and everything that makes you smile. Have a blessed first day!
  17. This first day of the month, I pray for God’s divine hand to guide you in the plans and purposes He has for you.
  18. Welcome this bright new month with joy. May it be filled with progress, breakthrough and positive achievements.
  19. As you begin this new chapter, I pray for renewal in every area – spirit, soul and body. Happy new month!
  20. In this new month, you will bear every good fruit. God will perfect everything concerning you. Happy new month!
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May this first day and the rest of the month be graced with God’s divine favor over your life. Happy new month!


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