Online surveys have become an easy and flexible way for Ghanaians to earn extra income in their spare time. With increasing internet access and a youthful, tech-savvy population, more people are now leveraging survey opportunities. Here are some great tips to start making money with surveys:

Register with Reputable Survey Sites

Sign up at survey sites that offer regular paid surveys for Ghana such as Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, Pinecone Research and Toluna. These sites have global survey panels and a steady stream of work. Providing accurate demographic information in your profiles can help you qualify for more surveys.

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Take Advantage of Referral Programs

Most survey sites offer referral bonuses when you get others to sign up using your referral link. For instance, Swagbucks provides a 300 SB bonus (worth $3) for each successful referral. Share your referral links on social media and with friends to quickly ramp up your earnings. Here’s my Swagbucks referral link you can use to sign up and receive a starting bonus: Here

Properly Fill Out Screening Questionnaires

When signing up for survey panels, ensure you carefully fill out screening questionnaires. Providing precise demographic and psychographic information makes you eligible for surveys that you qualify for, increasing your chances of getting selected.

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Check Survey Sites Frequently

Survey availability fluctuates daily and can fill up quickly, so check your dashboard often. Disable ad blockers as sometimes survey invites are sent via ads. Setting up email and browser alerts can notify you of new surveys.

Provide Honest, Thoughtful Answers

When taking surveys, provide well-thought out and honest answers. Don’t rush through just to finish quickly. Many sites screen for reliability using attention-check and consistency-check questions. Getting flagged can lead to disqualification.

Cash Out Earnings

Many survey sites offer various cash out options including bank transfer, mobile money, gift cards and vouchers. Set cash out thresholds so you can frequently withdraw your earnings. Swagbucks offers PayPal and AirtelTigo cash outs.

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Online surveys provide a simple yet rewarding way for Ghanaians to supplement their income. Just dedicate some time consistently, be honest in answering, and cash out your earnings regularly. Sign up via referral links and check survey sites daily to maximize your opportunities. With persistence, you can earn reasonable money taking surveys online.


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