Iñaki Williams Wife

Iñaki Williams Wife: Is Iñaki Williams Married? Iñaki Williams Arthuer is a striker who plays for the La Liga club Athletic Bilbao and competes for the Ghanaian national team.

He was born in Spain to Ghanaian parents and made his full international debut for Spain in 2016. However, in 2022, he decided to represent Ghana internationally after being chosen for the World Cup.

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Inaki Williams was born on June 15, 1994 in Bilbao, Spain. His parents, Maria Comfort Arthuer and Felix Williams, migrated to Spain on foot from Ghana, where their son Inaki was born.

Nicholas Williams Arthuer, Inaki’s younger brother, also plays football. He got his start in the sport at Athletic Bilbao’s academy.

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Iñaki Williams Wife: Is Iñaki Williams Married?

Inaki Williams is currently in a serious relationship with Patricia Morales but they aren’t married. He doesn’t have any children.


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