Is a DUI serious? The meaning of DUI is driving under influence and it is in deed a very serious offense.

Is A DUI Serious?
What is DUI?

DUI is serious because it is punishable by law. So if you are a driver and you get arrested or caught by any police while driving under influence (DUI) that said policeman or policewoman will arrest and take you to court for break the law.

What is DUI?

Driving Under Influence is when a person drive a car while he or she have had a taste of alcohol or some strong drugs to a level that he is said to weak and not in good shape to drive.

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A person who DUI mostly risks other people’s lives because they loss control of themselves while driving and this can led to accidents.

There is a device called Breathalyzer that is used to test your Blood Alcohol Content right at the scene of an accident or on the side of the road if they pull you over.

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This device is to be sure you didn’t Drive under influence if any alcohol or drug.

What are the types of DUI?

Below are the types of DUI;

  • DUI Type #1 – Alcohol (. 08 or Greater) …
  • DUI Type #2 – Alcohol (Any Amount & Unsafe to Drive) …
  • DUI Type #3 – Intoxicating Compounds. …
  • DUI Type #4 – Legally Prescribed Medications. …
  • DUI Type #5 – Combination of Alcohol and Drugs. …
  • DUI Type #6 – Cannabis & Controlled Substances.

What are the 3 types of DUI charges?

If you’re arrested for driving under the influence, you could be facing three different types of charges:

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An infraction

A misdemeanor

A felony

The consequences for the DUI will vary significantly depending on which type of offense you’re charged with.

To all drivers there please don’t drive under influence. Be safe out there.


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