Is Glenda Lewis Still Married?
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Who Is Glenda Lewis?

Glenda is a renowned multiple award-winning journalist. Coming from a family with sincere interest in the media, Glenda took after her mother Diana, stepping into her shoes as a reporter and a news anchor. At a very young age, she knew she had a thing for reporting but never saw herself as anchor in the journalism field and today, she is one of the best American journalist who specialize in anchoring. 

Knowing her dream and where she wanted to be with her mother as a successful journalist, Glenda went on to have her university degree in Advertising and Marketing at the Michigan State University where she graduated with honors. She further sought for a post graduate studies in Broadcasting at Specs Howard School of Broadcasting. 

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She started in the world of journalism as a reporter for WXYZ Tv and also worked for other channels like WBKB-Tv, WLNs-Tv and ABC 12 news. 
Now, Glenda works with Channel 7 news as an anchor has to her name, a five time Grammy award. 

Is Glenda Lewis Still Married?

Celebrity breakups and marriage divorce are very common among the people we idolize and respect their work. Sometimes it’s because of infidelity and other times, their busy schedules cause this separation. Glenda and her husband, Kahn Hall are still very much together. They are still married and have been blessed with a daughter since they got married.

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