In 1863, Civil War veteran Jacob Miller was shot in the forehead at Brock Field at Chikamauga, Georgia.

Jacob Miller iterated his experiences after the dreaded bullet went through his head and astonishingly lacked the potential of eliminating him from planet earth.

“When I came to my senses some time after I found out that I was in the rear of the confederate line. So not to become a prisoner I made up my mind to make an effort to get around their line and back on my own side.

I got up with the help of my gun as a staff, then went back some distance, then started parallel with the line of battle. I suppose I was so covered with blood that those that I met, did not notice that I was a Yank, (at least our Major, my former captain did not recognize me when I met him after passing to our own side.

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I suffered for nine months then I got a furlough home to Logansport and got Drs. Fitch and Colman to operate on my wound.

They took out the musket ball. After the operation a few days, I returned to the hospital at Madison and stayed there till the expiration of my enlistment, Sept. 17, 1864.

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Seventeen years after I was wounded a buck shot dropped out of my wound and thirty one years after two pieces of lead came out. Some ask how it is I can describe so minutely my getting wounded and getting off the battle field after so many years.

My answer is I have an everyday reminder of it in my wound and constant pain in the head, never free of it while not asleep.

The whole scene is imprinted on my brain as with a steel engraving. I haven’t written this to complain of any one being in fault for my misfortune and suffering all these years, the government is good to me and gives me $40.00 per month pension.”


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