John Mayer Net Worth 2022


What John Mayer Net Worth 2022. John Mayer is a Grammy award winning singer with an estimated networth of $70million.

John Mayer Net Worth 2022

Who is John Mayer?

John Clayton Mayer was born on October 16th of 1977 in Bridgeport, Connecticut but was raised in Fairfield alongside two brothers.

He was born in Bridgeport to two teachers as parents. He attended the Center for Global Studies in Norwalk with his brothers.

He fell in love with the electrical guitar after watching Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future. This got his dad to rent him one to use for practice and he was a very fast learner as he also developed the love for blue music which he also went to class to study.

Mayer focus more on his guitar whiles growing up as his parents were had a somewhat turbulent marriage.

At high school he used to perform and even joined a band at school. However he started suffering from serious panic attacks, and when rushed to a hospital, he was diagnosed for a disorder related to an irregular heartbeat.

John Mayer started writing songs after he left the hospital and also started taking anti-anxiety medication, something he is now used to.


Mayer started his music career in 1997 after forming a band called Lo-Fi Masters with Clay Cook. They two separated leaving John to start performing in pubs and clubs.

Mayer then released his debut EP ‘Inside Wants Out’ in 1999. Some of the songs on the debut EP are; ‘Back to You,’ ‘My Stupid Mouth,’ and ‘No Such Thing’.

In 2001 he released his debut studio album ‘Room for Squares’. The album clocked position 8 on ‘US Billboard 200’ chart.

John Mayer got signed to Aware Records in 2001 after he appeared on the South by Southwest Festival. After 2 years he won his first award and that was a Grammy award in 2003.

That same year he released his second album ‘Heavier Things’. Two years later he formed a rock band called ‘The John Mayer Trio’ and released his third studio album ‘Continuum’ in 2006.

His fourth album ‘Battle Studies’ was released in 2009 and it’s was a massive hit as brought him a lot of greatness and success.

In 2013 he released yet another great album dubbed ‘Paradise Valley’.

As of the time of writing this post about John Mayer networth 2022, he was worth $70million. This he earns from his music career as a singer, songwriter and guitarist.

How Does John Mayer Spend His Money? 

The answer to this is through buying of watches as John Mayer is a lover of watches. It was reported by MSNBC in 2017 that John Mayer spent 25% of his entire net worth on watches. He owns a Patek Phillippe watch with an estimated cost of $300,000.

John Mayer’s Home

Where does John Mayer live now? Mayer owns a very beautiful house in Beverly Hills. John Mayer’s Home features five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and outdoor amenities. John Mayer’s Home was bought for $13.4 million.

John Mayer’s Wife

Mayer is not married however has dated before. The Grammy award winning singer is alleged to have dated Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Simpson, Minka Kelly, Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry.



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