Jon Zazula Children: Meet Rikki Zazula, Danielle Zazula And Blaire Brewer Zazula


Jonathan Zazula, also known as Jon Zazula, was a music business executive in the United States. He was the proprietor of the Rock n Roll Heaven record store in New Jersey. Megaforce Records was also founded by him.

Jon Zazula sadly passed away at the age of 65 years old on 1 February 2022. However, Rikki, Jon Zazula’s daughter, used her Facebook page to announce her father’s death.

Jon Zazula Children: Meet Rikki Zazula, Danielle Zazula And  Blaire Brewer Zazula

The world lost a true legend today… Our Dad lived a life as fast, hard, heavy, powerful, and, impactful as the music he brought to the world. His passion and persistence fueled the careers of arguably the most influential metal bands, and, industry greats of a generation.

To us, he was simply daddy… Our father and mother were a powerhouse partnership in love, life, and business. Together they believed in the unbelievable, their passion, rebel perspective, and persistence built an empire from a box of vinyl in a flea market – into a multi-platinum selling record label, management company, and publishing house. Although we are devastated he is gone, they are finally reunited. And it feels impossible to imagine a world without him in it. For all of us who knew and loved him … by the way… keep it heavy!

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Jon Zazula Children: Meet Rikki Zazula, Danielle Zazula And Blaire Brewer Zazula

Rikki, Danielle, and Blaire Brewer Zazula were Jon Zazula’s three powerful daughters. Blaire Brewer Zazula, Jon Zazula’s first daughter, was born to him and his first wife. Jon Zazula’s other two children, Rikki and Danielle Zazula, were born to him and his second wife, Marsha, who is also now deceased.

Below are the children of Jon Zazula.

Blaire Brewer Zazula

Blaire Brewer Zazula

Jon Zazula’s first daughter, Blaire Brewer Zazula, is his first child with his first wife.There is no much information about Brewer Zazula as she avoided herself from spotlight.

Rikki Zazula

Rikki Zazula

She is Jon Zazula’s second child from his second marriage to Marsha, who is now deceased. However, she took after her mother and father’s passion for music. She is frequently seen in her father’s company and is quite active on social media. She is the current founder and Managing Director at Glitter & Grit. 

Danielle Zazula

Danielle Zazula

Jon Zazula’s third and last daughter is Danielle Zazula. According to her LinkedIn page, Danielle Zazula is the Director of Strategic Sales at Conviva. Danielle is also a shy woman who wants to keep her personal life out of the spotlight.



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