Kari Lake Husband: Jeff Halperin Biography, Age, Children, Career
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Kari Lake Husband: Jeff Halperin Biography, Age, Children, Career. Jeff Halperin is a former American photojournalist and entrepreneur, recognized for his marriage to Kari Lake, an American politician and television news anchor. He currently owns ZenHD, a production company based in Phoenix, Arizona. Despite his public connection to Kari Lake, Jeff maintains a private life, and not much is publicly known about him. However, some insights into his background and personal life are usually revealed by his wife.

Jeff Halperin Age: How old is Jeff Halperin?

While Jeff’s exact age remains undisclosed, a post by his wife some years back suggests his birthday is September 25th.

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Jeff Halperin Children: Does Jeff Halperin have kids?

The couple married in 1998 and have two children together.

Kari Lake Husband: Jeff Halperin Biography, Age, Children, Career
Kari Lake Husband: Jeff Halperin Biography, Age, Children, Career

Jeff Halperin Race

One interesting aspect of Jeff’s identity is his Latino heritage, specifically of Colombian descent which explains his proficiency in speaking Spanish.


Before founding his production company, Jeff Halperin spent four years as a News Editor and photographer. He and Kari Lake initially crossed paths as colleagues in Phoenix, Arizona, working at the same NBC-TV affiliate local station, KPNX-TV. Jeff also had a professional stint at WNYT-TV in Albany, New York.

In 2020, he received an Emmy nomination for his documentary produced for ESPN Sports Network. The documentary focused on Turkish professional basketball player Enes Kanter and was titled “Enes Kanter: Enemy of the State.” Although he didn’t secure the award, Kari proudly shared her admiration for his work on social media.

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Jeff Halperin’s life remains largely out of the public eye, but his contributions to the field of photojournalism and documentary filmmaking, as well as his diverse cultural background, make him an intriguing figure in his own right.

Who was Kari Lake’s husband?

Kari Lake’s husband is Jeff Halperin, a former American photojournalist and entrepreneur.

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