Mahendra Gaikwad Kushti Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth, Parents, Family

Mahendra Gaikwad Kushti Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth, Parents, Family. Mahendra is the youngest wrestler in his family from Maharashtra in India, who has recently surfaced in the news for winning a silver medal at the 2023 World Junior Championship, Men 125kg Freestyle, marking a historical moment and being the first Indian in a very long time to reach this level. 

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Mahendra Gaikwad Kushti Profile and Wiki

Name: Mahendra Gaikwad Kushti

Date of Birth: Unknown

Place of Birth: Shirsi, Southern Maharashtra

Nationality: Indian

Age: 20

Profession: Wrestler

Relationship Status: Unknown

Parents: Father (Babasaheb Gaikwad), Mother (Unknown)

Mahendra Gaikwad Kushti Biography

Mahendra Gaikwad Kushti Biography and Early Career: Mahendra Gaikwad comes from a family of wrestlers who have, in the past, participated in the Indian traditional wrestling called Pehlwani, also known as Kushti or Dangal.

Mahendra Gaikwad (in blue) bagged a silver medal at the World Junior Championships on Wednesday in the men’s 125kg freestyle category. | Photo Credit: United
World Wrestling

 Pehlwani/Kushti is a traditional old spot played on the ground in an area called Akhada filled with clay (mitti). In this game, fighters are to touch both shoulders of their opponent on the ground to win. It is not as simple as it sounds. Likewise, a rule in Kushti is that fighters cannot kick or punch their opponent, but are allowed to use body locks, holds, etc, to engage in the fight. 

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Wrestlers playing maidan kushti with mitti (clay) on their bodies

His grandfather, father and uncles were all wrestlers who once participated in this Indian traditional wrestling and have impacted Mahendra Gaikwad’s journey as a wrestler.

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Mahendra Gaikwad was born in a village of Shirsi in the Solapur district of Southern Maharashtra. Growing up as a child, Mahendra’s father, Babasaheb Gaikwad, had an ambition for his son to become a wrestler and had prepared him on his journey to becoming a pehelwan (wrestler)

“He was going to become a wrestler. It’s in our blood. My father was a pehelwan. I and my brother were wrestlers. Mahendra is the third generation in our family to wrestle,” —Babasaheb Gaikwad.

Mahendra Gaikwad’s career to be a wrestler was long planned out by his father who hoped his son would, some time to be, wrestle in the ‘Maidan’ (a tournament held each year in November during Vetal Yatra— a festival of patron village deity of Shirsi) and as well, compete around states in India competing in Maidan as a prize fighter.

Babasaheb did not only hope to see his son wrestle in maidans, but he was also ready to engage Mahendra to wrestle in Maharashtra Kesari (a state-wide open weight Mitti Kushti) Championship if his wrestling adroitness were excellent, improved and fit for a new challenge.

Mahendra Gaikwad Early Career

Mahendra Gaikwad began his wrestling career trained by his father and two uncles, Kakasaheb Gaikwad and Naganath Gaikwad, at a younger age. While maturing, his father enrolled him in a wrestling academy (Jay Hanuman Talim) in North India, well known as Akharas, in his village.

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His father later moved from the Jay Hanuman Talim Academy to Kaka Pawar Academy in Pune, where his wrestling transformation began and took shape after participating in a local competition. Mahendra Gaikwad’s father, who was once a wrestler, is also a wealthy farmer who was willing and ready to see his son gain the necessary training to become a good wrestler.

Mahendra joined the Kaka Pawar Academy at age 16. While in the academy, he won a gold medal in the Junior Nationals Championship in 2021, however, he failed to qualify for the Indian Common Wealth Games team. Nevertheless, he qualified for his first international tour at the Junior Asian Championships in Kyrgyzstan in 2022, where he won a silver medal.

Mahendra Gaikwad Career Achievement

Aside from winning local competitions in Kushti, a gold medal in the Junior Nationals Championship in 2021, and a silver medal at the 2022 Junior Asian Championships in Kyrgyzstan, Mahendra Gaikwad won a silver medal at the 2023 World Junior Championship in the Men’s 125kg freestyle division.

Mahendra Gaikwad showcase his silver medal at the 2023 World Junior Championship

His recent achievement took his father by excitement and surprise. Mahendra sets a historic event in India as being the first Indian in 20 years to reach the competition final since Palwinder Cheema reach the final.

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Mahendra lost 13-2 in the finals to Iran’s Masoumi Valadi after a tough defeat with two strong opponents, including Tukey’s Adil Misirci, who won a bronze medal at the Under 23 European Championships.

“We expected that he might get a bronze medal. To reach the final is a huge achievement. He’s the first Indian in a very long time to reach this level in the super heavyweight class,” — Kaka Pawar (former international wrestler whose academy in Pune, Mahendra trains.)

Mahendra Gaikwad Age

Mahendra Gaikwad is 20 years old as of 2023.

Mahendra Gaikwad Net Worth

Details of Mahendra’s net worth are not currently available. We will update this article once his net worth is officially declared by credible sources.

Mahendra Gaikwad Parents

Who are Mahendra Gaikwad parents? Mahendra Gaikwad’s father, Babasaheb Gaikwad, is a former wrestler and a farmer from Solapur. Unfortunately, there are no details about his mother.

Mahendra Gaikwad Family

Mahendra Gaikwad comes from a generational family of wrestlers. His grandfather, uncles — Kakasaheb Gaikwad and Naganath Gaikwad— and father, Babasaheb Gaikwad, were all wrestlers, also referred to as Pehelwan in India. 

There are no details about his external family, aside from the Pehelwan profession that runs in the family.



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