Nyakim Gatwech is a model who has gained fame worldwide for having extremely dark skin. Often referred to by her nickname of “Queen of the Dark,” Nyakim’s unique melanin-rich skin tone sets her apart in the modeling industry.

Born in South Sudan in 1993, Nyakim later immigrated to the United States as a teenager. She was originally discouraged from modeling due to her very dark complexion, with agencies claiming that she would not photograph well. However, Nyakim did not let the industry’s restrictive beauty standards stop her from pursuing her dreams.

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After moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota, Nyakim began posting photos of herself on Instagram in 2016. Her stunning looks and confidence quickly gained a large following on social media. With over 240,000 followers, Nyakim uses her platform to promote self-love and challenge Western beauty ideals.

Nyakim’s success as a model is breaking barriers for diversity in fashion and beauty. As one of the darkest models in the industry, her rich ebony skin tone provides a striking contrast in photos. She has walked the runway for brands like Calvin Klein and has been featured in various fashion magazines.

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Beyond modeling, Nyakim aims to inspire other dark-skinned women to embrace their natural beauty. She once stated, “My melanin is popping and I love it… Being the darkest thing on earth has made me the brightest star.” Her one-of-a-kind look and uplifting message continue making her a role model for diversity around the world.


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