Top 10 Richest Korean Actors 2023

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Top 10 Richest Korean Actors 2023. Over the past decade, Korean entertainment has gone from a regional sensation to a global phenomenon. Along with this Korean Wave come A-list stars raking in big paychecks. This article will count down the 10 richest Korean actors at the start of 2023. Their soaring net worths demonstrate the lucrative earning potential within Korea’s booming pop culture industry.

Top 10 Richest Korean Actors 2023

Below is the list of Top 10 Richest Korean Actors 2023 and their worth;

10 – Kim Woo-bin – $5 Million

Known for dramas like The Heirs and Uncontrollably Fond, model-turned-actor Kim Woo-bin comes in at number 10 with an estimated $5 million net worth. In 2016, he was one of Korea’s highest-paid stars, earning around $83,000 per episode.

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9 – Ji Chang-wook – $7 Million

Leading man Ji Chang-wook has headlined hit series like Healer and Backstreet Rookie. Active since 2006, his extensive drama resume and endorsement deals with brands like Hugo Boss, Samsung, and Marie Claire have grown his wealth to around $7 million.

8 – Hyun Bin – $10 Million

Hyun Bin skyrocketed to pan-Asian fame through smash hit Korean dramas My Lovely Sam Soon and Crash Landing On You. Dubbed the “King of Hallyu,” Hyun Bin supplements his income starring in commercials for companies like Canon, Hyundai, and Lotte Duty-Free.

7 – Jo In-sung – $12 Million

Veteran star Jo In-sung broke big with 1990s hits like Piano and School 2 before rising to international acclaim in That Winter, The Wind Blows. As one of Korea’s most in-demand actors, his salary per series or movie hovers around $88,000.

6 – Cha Tae-hyun – $16 Million

Cha Tae-hyun’s bankability as a comic lead in films like Scandal Makers and Hello Ghost has established him as Korea’s highest-paid actor per film at around $443,000. Combined with his roles as a radio DJ and television personality, Cha’s net worth is estimated at $16 million.

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5 – Won Bin – $20 Million

Top actor Won Bin commanded a per-episode salary of $113,000 during the peak of Korean drama fever in the early 2000s. Retreating from acting in 2010 before returning in the hit action film The Man From Nowhere cemented his elite status.

4 – Lee Young-ae – $20 Million

Top 10 Richest Korean Actors 2023
Top 10 Richest Korean Actors 2023

Jewelry and cosmetics endorsement queen Lee Young-ae rose to fame through historic dramas like Dae Jang Geum. Named Korea’s highest-paid actress in 2006, Lee’s fame across Asia has increased her net worth to around $20 million.

3 – So Ji-sub – $23 Million

Top 10 Richest Korean Actors 2023
Top 10 Richest Korean Actors 2023

So Ji-sub’s breakout performance in Sorry, I Love You established him as a Korean Wave star across Southeast Asia. Leading roles in The Master’s Sun and Oh My Venus make him one of the nation’s most in-demand and handsomely compensated actors.

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2 – Lee Min-ho – $30 Million

Top 10 Richest Korean Actors 2023
Top 10 Richest Korean Actors 2023

Hallyu sensation Lee Min-ho earns up to $156,000 per episode in a starring role. His status as pan-Asian superstar with dramas like Boys Over Flowers and The Heirs has allowed Lee to build exceptional wealth.

1 – Song Hye-kyo – $35 Million

Topping Korea’s richest actor list is Song Hye-kyo, who commanded $108,000 per episode at the peak of fame. Globally recognized thanks to mega-hits like Full House and Descendants of the Sun, Song also earns millions from endorsements.

Highest Paid Korean Actors 2023 – FAQs

1. Who is the highest-paid Korean actor in 2023?

Kim Soo Hyun tops the list with an estimated net worth of $110 million.

2. Which Korean actor gained fame from the drama “Descendants of the Sun”?

Song Joong Ki gained widespread recognition for his role in “Descendants of the Sun.”

3. What is Lee Min Ho’s net worth in 2023?

Lee Min Ho’s net worth in 2023 is an impressive $10 million.

4. What other ventures besides acting contribute to Hyun Bin’s net worth?

Hyun Bin’s net worth is bolstered by lucrative endorsement deals with prestigious brands and his successful career in films.

5. Which actor made his mark as both a rapper and actor?

So Ji Sub ventured into music, releasing a rap album titled “Lonely Life” in 2018, in addition to his acting career.


The rising Korean Wave has allowed the country’s top actors to accumulate fortunes previously unheard of for performers there. Through lucrative drama and film income, plus high-paying endorsements, Korea’s biggest stars now sit among some of the wealthiest celebrities in the world.

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