Rory John Gates Net Worth 2021

Rory John Gates

Rory John Gates Net Worth 2021. Rory John Gates is the only son of Bill Gates who happens to be the founder of Microsoft. Rory Gates is an MBA graduate and currently lives with his family in Seattle, Washington.

Rory John Gates Biography

Rory is the second child of Bill Gates and Melinda. Here, we’re going to tell you all about Bill Gates and Melinda’s son, his life, his aspirations, and his net worth in 2021.

Rory John Gates graduated from Duke University with a degree in Computer Science and Economics. He later went on to complete his MBA at Fuqua School of Business.

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He plans on joining forces with his father shortly, he is passionate about continuing his father’s legacy and taking over Microsoft in the coming years.

He also received Science lessons from his father while they went on vacation in Europe. Rory attended many educational tours to enlighten him on different cultures and histories.

He was born on May 23rd, 1999, 21 years old, and has a lot to brag about when it comes to wealth and family. In April 2010, he released his poem titled Physics of Light via the website of his father. While on a vacation with his parents, he thought about this poem and it ended up consisting of 7 lines which formed a square-shaped diamond. His parents were not allowed to use the phone until he was 13 because they felt it would be better to let him focus on his

Rory John Gates

Rory Gates has two sisters known as  Phoebe and Jennifer Gates. Melinda and Bill Gates are the parent of Rory John Gates and her two siblings. Jennifer Katharine Gates is an accomplished equestrian, and she’s currently going to med school.

An American author, Rory grew up in a family of writers. He wrote his first poem at the age of 10 and is now one of the most popular authors for children.


Bill Gates’s son stands at 165 CM and weighs 53 KG. Rory John Gates has blonde hair, brown eyes, and a bicep size of 38. During his leisure time, Bill Gate’s son loves to Playing Video Games, and Travel. His favorite movie is Superbad and his favorite actors are Michael Cera and Emma Stone.

Rory John Gates Net Worth 2021

As of 2021, Rory John Gates Net Worth 2021 is $20 million. Being an entrepreneur, his current source of wealth is his inheritance, but he seems to be doing quite well for someone at age 21. He is pursuing his career and hoping to eventually continue Gates’ legacy.



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