Sara Hilary Haines, born on September 18, 1977, in Newton, Iowa, is a seasoned television host and journalist. At 45 years old, she boasts an impressive career and has made her mark in the industry.

Sara’s educational journey took her to Smith College, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree. This solid foundation prepared her for a successful career in media.

Haines is known for her dynamic presence on several popular shows, including “The View,” “Good Morning America,” and “Today.” Her ability to engage with diverse audiences and cover a wide range of topics has endeared her to viewers across the nation.

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Notably, Sara Haines identifies as an Independent, emphasizing her commitment to impartial reporting and thoughtful analysis. In 2014, she tied the knot with Max Shifrin, and the couple now shares the joys of parenthood with three children; their eldest child, Alec Richard, arrived in March 2016. Then, their second child, Sandra Grace, was born in December 2017, and their third, Caleb Joseph, came along in June 2019.

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Sarah Haines Siblings

Growing up in Iowa, Sarah was raised alongside her three siblings whom she is very much close to. It is revealed that she is a twin who is a female along side her other siblings. Sara Haines twin sister, Ginger Renee Colonomos who is popularly known as Ginger Zee works as ABC News’ head meteorologist. Her other siblings, Susanne Sul and Joe Haines are not into the media but are doing very well for themselves.
Their parents were actively involved in the United States of America Airforce where they worked professionally to support the family.


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