Susan Deixler Net worth

Susan Deixler is Barry Manilow’s ex-wife. She is currently content in her home in California, United States. Susan Deixler will be 77 in 2022. In 1964, Susan married Barry Manilow in both civil and religious ceremonies.

A year later, the couple divorced. They met in high school, where Susan was the most beautiful girl and Manilow was the best musician. Susan had two children after the divorce but never remarried. His two children are Pauline, 41, and Danny, 36.

How Did Susan Deixler and Manilow Met?

According to Manilow’s biography, the two were very different in school; while Susan was outgoing, Manilow preferred to hang out with a small group of close friends.

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After graduating, Manilow began attending City College of New York and the New York College of Music, while also working as a secretary, according to Manilow’s biography. According to the biography, the young couple soon began talking about getting married, which surprised their classmates, who thought they were too young.

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After their families fought over the cost of a large wedding (her parents wanted one, his didn’t), the young couple decided to elope in 1964. They married in the City Hall judge’s chambers during their lunch break before returning to work for the day

Susan Deixler Net worth

How much is Susan Deixler worth? Susan’s net worth is estimated to be between $3000 and $6000.

Barry Manilow Net Worth

Barry Manilow is a $100 million net worth American singer-songwriter, arranger, musician, and producer. He has sold over 80 million records worldwide and received three Grammy Awards. Barry has produced albums for other artists, earning him Grammy nominations in the process.

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