Deirdre Bosa is a remarkable journalist known for her insightful tech reporting. She was born in Canada and grew up with a passion for news and technology. Deirdre’s dedication to her work has made her a prominent figure in the journalism world.

Education: Deirdre Bosa pursued her education with a keen interest in communication and journalism. She earned a degree in Communication Studies from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. Her academic background laid the foundation for her successful career in reporting.


Deirdre’s career is nothing short of impressive. She joined CNBC, a leading financial news network, where she became a technology correspondent. Her reporting covered everything from cutting-edge startups to industry giants like Apple and Google. Deirdre’s engaging and insightful reporting made her a trusted source for tech news.

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Deirdre Bosa’s career achievements are numerous. She co-hosted “TechCheck,” a daily technology-focused show on CNBC. Her interviews with industry leaders and in-depth analysis of tech trends have won her accolades from viewers and colleagues alike. Deirdre’s ability to explain complex tech topics in a simple and engaging manner is one of her outstanding achievements.


While Deirdre Bosa’s height is not a defining aspect of her career, her stature in the world of tech journalism is undoubtedly towering. Her dedication, knowledge, and commitment have made her a respected figure in the industry.

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Who Is Deidre Bosa’s Husband?

As expected from our very cherished celebrities and role models, once there is a career success, there is the need to settle down and start a family. Deirdre is no exception as she has made for he self a beautiful family with her loving husband. Deidre is married to her long term sweetheart, Darryl Bosa. Deidre and Darryl tied the knot in 2014 after being together for a while. As of now, the couple have a daughter together. Unlike his wife, Darryl is not the public figure with his business out there, he only made it to the spotlight because of his marriage to the journalist.


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