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Who Is Kim Adams’ husband?


Media personality and meteorologist Kim Adams has been a sensation over the internet for some personal and sad reasons even though her career has been one of success and joy filled. Breaking into the world as a public figure, she worked as a meteorologist for WXYZ-TV, WHIZ-TV in Zanesville, Ohio and some other channels.

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Cancer Journey

As life would have it, Kim was having a very rough turn in her life when she was hit with the news of her breast cancer. At that point in her life, it felt like a blog blow as she was also battling divorce controversies with her then husband. Fortunately for Kim, she has been able to fight breast cancer and is free from this deadly disease. Making headlines as a cancer survivor, this news opened different doors of victory for her as her life has taken a new turn.

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Kim Adams’ Husband

Another news that out Kim in the spotlight was her engagement to Jeffrey Daudert who worked as a navy officer. The two met during Kim’s job as a weather girl for WXYZ-TV. Hitting it off on the spot, they got engaged seven months after dating and later married.

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Kim and Jeffrey had five children in all. Four boys and a girl. Currently, two of them are in college and play sports for extra curricular whilst the young ones also play baseball.

In 2016, the couple announced their divorce after staying married for 15 years. Details of the divorce were not made public and Kim refused to say anything about it except saying she had no choice. She has full custody of the five children and has been raising them all by herself since her divorce from her husband, Jeffrey Daudert.

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