Who is Matthew Macfadyen Wife?

Matthew Macfadyen Wife

Fans of Matthew Macfadyen have been wondering who his wife is. You can find out Matthew Macfadyen Wife Name, Who is Matthew Macfadyen Wife, and Matthew Macfadyen Wife Age on this page.

Who is Matthew Macfadyen Wife?

Matthew Macfadyen is well-known for his professional accomplishments. His followers want to know who Matthew Macfadyen’s wife is and whether he is dating anyone. According to sources, Matthew Macfadyen’s wife is Keeley Hawes.

Matthew Macfayden and Keeley Hawes have been married for over 20 years as of 2022. They met and fell in love in a difficult way, according to reports, because she was a bride at the time, married to a cartoon designer named Spencer McCallum.

She’d recently given birth to their son. However, everything changed when she began working on the set of a BBC spy program called Spooks in 2002. That was where she ran into Matthew.

Interestingly, Matthew was dating someone else when he first met Keeley; he was dating an actress named Surita Chowdry. Matthew and Keeley’s relationship was widely thought to overlap with their other relationships at the time, although they never acknowledged it.

Keeley opened up to Vanity Fair about the relationship, saying, “Matthew just came straight out with it and said ‘I love you’ in the rain one day. I thought, ‘Oh dear, here we go.'” Keeley filed for divorce from Spencer in early 2004 and tied the knot with Matthew later that same year.


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