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Who Is The New Progressive commercial

Who Is The New Progressive commercial

The progressive insurance commercial is a commercial series that teaches insurance in a progressive way. It mostly focuses on how to ensure cars, houses, and properties.

Its new series – On Becoming Your Parents helps to shed light on things youngsters need to do differently from their parents. The advert/series are aired on TV and radio. It is different in its approach to customers by using relatable comedy as a form of communication.

The commercials are as hilarious as they are educating. The commercials started way back in 2014 by the progressive corporation, as a method of selling their auto and house insurance.

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It has spun on to become a comic advert-producing interesting series that focuses on insurance. The adverts have helped boost their sale incredibly, by producing relatable content for viewers and audiences who oftentimes turn out to be their customers and clients.

The new progressive commercial on Becoming Your Parents has spoken on a wide range of topics from using a refrigerator to clapping on airplanes. Teaching the different ways younger people should do things differently than the older ones, in other to be free from debt, loans, and mentality clauses.

Who is the New Progressive commercial.

The Dr Rick commercial is the new progressive commercial. Its series was launched in April 2020 and it keeps getting more interesting with each episode, leaving viewers glued to their TV screens.

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Dr Rick is played by Bill Glass. In the series Dr Rick is a life coach who teaches younger people to do things differently from the older ones, pointing out some similarities in their actions.

In one episode a young man was correcting a plumber that was working on his sink. Dr Rick turns to the man and mouths ” You hired him”, bringing the man to realize that he was the customer and as such shouldn’t be teaching the plumber how to do his job.

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It has also become very popular for people to use the phrase “you need Dr Rick” on other people when they see them acting in a particular way( precisely like their parents or older people)


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