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Who Is Wes Moore?

Who Is Wes Moore?

Get to know more about the current Governor of Maryland Wes Moore here in this article. Moore won the Governor of Maryland and the 2022 Maryland Gubernatorial Election.

Who Is Wes Moore?
Who Is Wes Moore?

Who Is Wes Moore?

Wes Moore is an author, businessman, and television producer from the United States who has been involved in philanthropy for over a decade. Wes Moore was previously the Chief Executive Officer of the Robin Hood Foundation.

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Wes Moore is currently the Democratic governor of Maryland. Wes Moore was against Peter Franchot, Doug Gansler, Ashwani Jain, John King Jr., and Tom Perez. He became the first Balck Governor of the State.

Wes Moore is an alumnus of Johns Hopkins University and Wolfson College, Oxford. Wes Moore holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations and Economics and he also holds a Master’s degree in International Relations.

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He is married to Dawn Moore, a department coordinator for Prince George’s Country on Kathleen Kennedy Townsends Maryland Gubernatorial Campaign. Wes Moore wife was born on 9 August 1975. She is 47 years old. They married on 6 July 2007.

Wes has two children called Mia Moore and James Moore.

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