Who was Cardinal George Pell? Wiki, Death,Net worth, Parents. Cardinal George Pell, a former top Vatican official who was initially convicted of child sex abuse but later acquitted, died in Rome at the age of 81.

Cardinal George Pell was one of Pope Francis’ closest advisers inside the Vatican. In 2018, an Australian jury found him guilty of sexually abusing two boys while he was archbishop of Melbourne in the 1990s.

He was the first senior church official to be imprisoned for such a serious crime. Cardinal George Pell, who always maintained his innocence, was imprisoned for 13 months before being released in 2020 after the High Court of Australia pronounced the prior judgment null and unlawful.

Cardinal George Pell wiki

Cardinal George Pell was born on 8 June 1941 in Ballarat, Victoria, to George Arthur and Margaret Lillian Pell. His father was a heavyweight boxing champion and a non-practicing Anglican whose origins came from Leicestershire in England.

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His mother was an Irish-born devoted Catholic. Pell had 24 procedures as a youngster to remove an abscess in his throat.

As he admitted, the cardinal was a polarizing figure both in Australia and abroad. Pell rose higher in the Catholic Church than any other Australian before him, having been born in the small town of Ballarat in Victoria. Before becoming one of the Pope’s closest advisers, Cardinal Pell was Archbishop of Melbourne and Sydney.

He was summoned to Rome in 2014 to clean up the Vatican’s finances, and he was widely regarded as the Church’s third-ranking official. Pell was quoted by the BBC in 2020 as saying that there was “no doubt” that his “direct” demeanor and conventional approach to topics such as abortion had turned some people against him. “The fact that I defend Christian teachings is irritating to a lot of people.” he remarked.

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Cardinal Pell Age: How old was Cardinal Pell?

Cardinal Pell was born on June 8, 1941, in Ballarat, Australia. He is 81 years old as of the time he dead.

Cardinal George Pell parents

George Arthur and Margaret Lillian Pell are the names of Cardinal George Pell parents.

Cardinal Pell Wife

Did Cardinal Pell have a wife? No, Cardinal Pell was not married, and thus had no wife. As a Cardinal, you are not required to take a wife, hence Cardinal Pell did not have one.

Cardinal George Pell Death: What was Cardinal George Pell cause of death?

Cardinal Pell is believed to have died as a result of heart issues following hip surgery. On Tuesday, he underwent hip surgery in a Rome hospital.

Earlier to being found guilty of sexual assault in Australia, he was regarded as the Vatican’s third most powerful cleric and Pope Francis’ right hand.

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Following his acquittal in 2020, Cardinal Pell returned to Rome, where, despite the sex scandal, the Vatican City greeted him with warm arms.

Cardinal Pell sex abuse controversy

Cardinal Pell was found guilty of assaulting two boys in the 1990s by an Australian jury in 2018. However, the judgement was overturned by the Australian High Court in 2020. However, a civil action against Cardinal Pell is still ongoing, filed by the parent of one of the two claimed victim boys of George Pell’s sex abuse. Meanwhile, a major inquiry discovered that he knew about child sexual abuse by priests in Australia as early as the 1970s but did nothing about it. Cardinal Pell disputed the claims until his death, claiming that there was no evidence to back them up.


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