Abeiku Gyekye Jackson

In a stunning turnaround, Team Ghana storms into the top 10, leaving rivals in awe! Despite initial hurdles, Ghana’s powerhouse performance in weightlifting and swimming lights up the games. The real jaw-dropper? Their dominance in arm wrestling skyrockets them to 7th place, toppling giants like Eritrea, Madagascar, and more!

With an impressive haul of 46 medals – including 6 golds, Ghana’s medal tally soars! Leading the charge is Winnifred Ntumi with a gold and two silvers in weightlifting, while swimmer Abeiku Jackson snags silver and bronze in thrilling races.

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But wait, there’s more! Theophilus Allotey’s boxing triumph over Egypt sets pulses racing for Ghana’s first boxing medal!

With football semis in sight and athletics events kicking off soon, Ghana’s medal hunt is far from over! Stay tuned as the champs rewrite history, proving their mettle on Africa’s grandest stage!”


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