Akuse; Location, Tourist Sites And Hotels

Searching for a tourist site destination in the eastern region to spend some quality time with friends and family? If yes then the best tourist destination is Akuse, a town located just a few hours from tema and Akosombo.

Akuse is a town in the eastern region of ghana located in the Manya Krobo district. This tourist destination has quite a number of attractions such as the educational site that the Akuse Methodist Senior High School and also the fun and relaxation one at the Akuse clubhouse.

Apart from educational institutions and tourist attractions, the town also boasts of having a prison, a health service, a police station, and also a meteorological center.

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The town Akuse also has a plant that generates hydroelectric power in Ghana. This plant is known as the Kpong Hydro Generation Plant and its managed by the Volta River Authority (VRA).

Hotels In Akuse

Looking for hotels near Akuse? Below are some of the best hotels in Akuse you can visit when you visit Ghana.

  • Aseda River Resort And Hotel
  • Akuse clubhouse
  • Akuse VRA Guesthouse
  • Akuse beach resort
  • DEW guesthouse
  • Stone Lodge
  • Volta Escape Resort
  • Santa Monica Home Lodge
  • The Royal Senchi Resort
  • River Side Hotel
  • Aylos Bay Garden Restaurant
  • Adi Lake Resort
  • Hi-Haven Hotel
  • Panaasa Guest House
  • Zito Guest House
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