All GEICO Commercial Actors and Actresses And The Roles They Play

All GEICO Commercial Actors and Actresses And The Roles They Play. Private American vehicle insurer The Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) has its corporate office in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Following State Farm, it ranks as the second-largest vehicle insurance in the US.

As of 2017, more than 15 million people have policies with GEICO, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, which covers more than 24 million cars owned by more than 15 million policyholders.

In the District of Columbia in addition to the other 50 states, GEICO offers private passenger auto insurance. The insurance company sells products online, over the phone, through licensed insurance agents, and through local agents, they call “GEICO Field Representatives” who are located close to the customer. With an accent from Cockney, English actor Jake Wood portrays the company’s mascot, a gold dust day gecko.

Who are the actors and actresses of GEICO?

Actors: Micah Cohen, Jake Wood, Billy Blanks, Josh Cheney, Frederick Lawrence, Timothy Ryan Cole, Bryce Harper, and John Lehr. 

Actresses: Dayci Brookshire, Alexis Jacknow, Michelle Ortiz, Lyla Johnson, Cali Fredrichs, Patricia Belcher, and Meredith Bishop.

All GEICO Commercial Actors and Actresses And The Roles They Play

Below are All GEICO Commercial Actors and Actresses And The Roles They Play;

Micah Cohen

Profession: Writer, Actor and film producer.

In a number of films and television shows, Micah had the advantage from the beginning. Zoe and the Prince is his first feature film. Micah appreciates comedy, poetry, writing music, singing, and acting. Micah Cohen is portrayed in the advertisements as Sara Amini’s husband, and his wife as the new landlady.

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Jake Wood

Profession: Actor

Jake is a character in the GEICO commercials featuring animals. He has portrayed the GEICO gecko in a number of commercials, and his interpretation of the creature is well known. Wood has been the voice of the GEICO gecko since 2000. It has a lizard-like appearance and a vocal cord that resembles a gecko. 

Billy Wayne Blanks

Profession: martial artist, fitness instructor and actor.

Blanks is well known for his roles in GEICO commercials. He acknowledges in GEICO vehicle insurance advertisements that he is stressed out about his car’s markings and has to vent.

Josh Cheney

Profession: comedian, actor and writer

In the independent film The Beaumont Catalogue from Wild Shadow Films, Josh Cheney recently appeared. University of Minnesota-based Josh holds a BFA in musical theater. After completing his education, he moved to New York City and appeared on Broadway in comedies including Carolines.

Frederick Lawrence

Profession: Actor, Director, producer and actor. 

Frederick Lawrence portrays the roles of a motorcyclist and a musician in the GEICO commercial.

Timothy Ryan Cole

Profession: photographer, actor and comedian

Most notably, Jimmy, who he portrayed in GEICO’s Happier Than ad campaign from 2012, is one of Timothy Ryan Cole’s most well-known commercial roles. He landed a national commercial for GEICO Insurance called Paycheck after making his acting debut in 2009, which was called Paycheck. Since then, he has been in over 100 ads, some of which include those for Verizon Wireless and Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.

Bryce Harper

Profession: actor and baseball player

Right fielder Bryce Harper competes in Major League Baseball (MLB) as a professional baseball player. From 2012 through 2018, he played for the Washington Nationals. One of the most well-known actors to appear in GEICO commercials is Harper. He hits comparatively few balls during batting practice in a GEICO commercial.

John Lehr

Profession: comedian and actor

John Lehr has been in a lot of American movies and TV shows. Lehr showed up dressed as a GEICO caveman. Lehr played Ross Geller’s customer on Friends as well.

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Dayci Brookshire

Profession: actress 

She performs writing and voice-over work for GEICO commercials. She provided the voices for all of the GEICO pothole advertisements, for instance, which highlight the company’s roadside help.

Alexis Jacknow

Profession: director, actress and writer.

The GEICO’s Aunt commercial is one of Alexis Jacknow’s creations. Alexis Jacknow and Damian Cecere play the woman and husband, respectively, in the GEICO Home and Auto Insurance package commercial. The New York Times, BuzzFeed News, and ELLE Magazine are just a few of the publications that have featured Alexis’ writing.

Michelle Ortiz

Profession: writer and actress

Michelle Ortiz is a singer and actress from the US. She was a wife in a recent GEICO commercial. The family claims that although the pipes are noisy, their home is magnificent. A man dressed in traditional clothing plays the bagpipes with fervor despite the sink being too tiny. 

Lyla Grace Johnson

Profession: actress

Lyla makes an appearance in a GEICO boat insurance commercial. A family is enjoying themselves while taking a boat out on a lake while the sun is shining. Before Lyla’s child takes a goldfish made entirely of pure gold, the family chooses to sign up for GEICO boat insurance.

Cali Fredrichs

Profession: actress

Cali Fredrichs played the brunette in a significant role in a GEICO horror movie commercial.

Meredith Anne Bishop

Profession: writer, producer and actress.

For her role as Annie Mack in the Nickelodeon series The Secret World of Alex Mack, Meredith Bishop is well-known. Meredith plays the wife of a betrothed couple that intends to spend a year in a tiny flat with low ceilings in the GEICO television series Tiny House.

Patricia Belcher

Profession: actress

Patricia Belcher has appeared on stage and in a television commercial for the GEICO app and auto insurance. Her part in the Fox television series Bones is also well-known. In this story, a man prepares his dinner in a dimly lit break room as the countdown to the end begins.

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