When Minnesota cops executed a no-knock warrant on Amir Locke on Thursday, Feb. 4, he was killed. However, Locke was found dead in his house at 6.48 a.m., only seconds after police arrived.

Who Was Amir Locke?

At the time of his death, Amir Locke was 22 years old, and authorities allege he was a resident with a pistol when they entered the house. Locke’s family, however, informed civil rights activist Nekima Levy Armstrong that Locke had a concealed carry permit and that he did not live in the apartment, according to CBS.

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Amir Locke Cause Of Death: How Did Amir Locke Die?

According to Armstrong, the 22-year-old did not live in the residence and was charged with three counts of looking for a police warrant. Moreover, Ben Crump, Locke’s family’s attorney, is a civil rights lawyer who helped George Floyd’s family win $ 27 million in a case against Minnesota cops. Crump compared Locke’s tragedy to that of Breonna Taylor, who was fatally shot in her Kentucky home in 2020.

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“Like the case of Breonna Taylor, the tragic killing of Amir Locke shows a pattern of no-knock warrants for black Americans,” he told CBS.

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Amir Locke Cause Of Death: How Did Amir Locke Die?

“This is yet another example of why we need to put an end to these kinds of search warrants so that one day, Black Americans will be able to sleep in their beds.”

How Did Amir Locke Die?

Andre Locke and Karen Wells, his parents, alleged that the Minneapolis SWAT squad “executed” their son after they awoke him from a deep slumber. They went on to say that he reached for his gun, for which he had a concealed carry licence, in an attempt to protect himself.

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One officer can be seen on video kicking the sectional sofa where Locke was asleep under a blanket. According to the incident report, three gunshots were fired, two hitting Locke in the chest and one hitting his right wrist.

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Amir Locke Cause Of Death: How Did Amir Locke Die?

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