How many states does Anloland have? What are the list of Anloland in Ghana?

Anloland is not a specific administrative region in Ghana; rather, it is a cultural and historical area inhabited by the Anlo people, primarily in the Volta Region of Ghana. Anloland includes several towns and communities. Here is a list of some prominent towns and communities within Anloland:

1. Anyanui – A Rich Tapestry of Communities

  • Comprising Atiteti, Ƒuveme, Agorkedzi, Kpɔkpɔgbɔ, Bomigo, and Tunu, Anyanui is a diverse and culturally vibrant region within Anloland.

2. Dzita – A Harmonious Blend of Traditions

  • Dzita encompasses Agbledomi, Bateƒe, and Akplɔwotɔkɔ, where unique traditions and customs are celebrated.

3. Atɔkɔ (Atorkor)– Embracing Heritage and Unity

  • Atɔkɔ includes Amegatsekɔƒe and Dakɔdzi, promoting a sense of heritage and unity among its inhabitants.

4. Srɔgboe – The Essence of Salo Town

  • Srɔgboe extends its reach to cover the town of Salo, celebrating the heart of this vibrant community.

5. Whuti (Ʋuti) – Genui’s Radiant Presence

  • Whuti includes the Genui (Ɣenui) town and other minor villages, reflecting the radiant presence of this region.

6. Aŋlɔga – The Epicenter of Anloland

  • Aŋlɔga stands as the main seat of the Overlord of Anloland, where the essence of Anlo culture comes alive.
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7. Woe – A Neighborly Connection

  • Woe, an immediate neighbor of Aŋlɔga, shares a deep connection with the traditions and culture of Anloland.

8. Tegbi – The Enigmatic ‘Kumatsoagbegbor’

  • Known as ‘Kumatsoagbegbor’ among the Anlos, Tegbi plays a unique role in preserving the cultural heritage of the region.

9. Dzelukoƒe – A Haven of Rich Traditions

  • Dzelukoƒe, encompassing Vui, Tetekɔƒe, Tetevikɔƒe, and Nukpesekɔƒe, is a haven of rich traditions and customs.

10. Keta – The Jewel of Abutiakɔƒe

  • Keta comprises Abutiakɔƒe, Kedzikɔƒe, and Adzido, forming a captivating jewel within Anloland.

11. Vodza – Embracing the New Zongo

  • Vodza extends its reach to cover the new Zongo, reflecting the evolving landscape of Anloland.

12. Kedzi – A Land of Rich Heritage

  • Kedzi shares a land boundary with Blekusu along the Keta-Aƒlao road and is known for its rich heritage.

13. Blekusu – Coastal Majesty

  • Blekusu, known for its coastal beauty, is a majestic town along the shores of Anloland, celebrated for its marine fishing.

14. Agavedzi – Along the Keta-Aƒlao Stretch

  • Agavedzi is found along the Keta-Aƒlao stretch, offering a unique blend of culture and history.

15. Adina – The Harvest of Fish

  • Adina, known as a place of fish harvest, comprises Amutinu, Agɔko, and several small villages.
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16. Adafienu – Celebrating Abundance

  • Adafienu is a region known for its abundance, where culture and tradition thrive.

17. Denu – A Tapestry of Communities

  • Denu covers Xedzranawo and Akame, weaving a tapestry of diverse communities within Anloland.

18. Aƒlao – A Cultural Gem

  • Aƒlao, referred to as ‘Flawu’ among the Anlos, covers Vieƒe, Avoeme, Whudoaba (Ʋuɖɔba), and other villages, preserving the cultural gems of the region.

19. Agbozume – Home to Nogokpo and Sonuto

  • Agbozume, known as the home of Nogokpo and Sonuto, holds a special place in the hearts of its residents.

20. Klikɔ – A Land of Great People

  • Klikɔ, a land of great people, shares borders with Agbozume and exudes a sense of community pride.

21. Afiaɖenyigba – Nurturing Traditions

  • Afiaɖenyigba encompasses Tengekɔƒe and other adjoining communities, nurturing and preserving Anlo traditions.

22. Weta (Ʋeta) – Embracing Tradition and Culture

  • Weta (Ʋeta) covers Avalavi or Awhalavi (Aʋalavi), Klenɔmadi, Atiteti Exi, Adzortsi, and other villages, embracing the rich tradition and culture of Anloland.

23. Afiƒe – An Eloquent Tradition

  • Afiƒe, known as ‘Afife,’ covers Agɔvega, Tsiyinu, Kpɔkuve, Vume, Whute (Ʋute), Woxaʋu, and other villages, eloquently preserving Anlo heritage.

24. Abɔlɔve – A Heritage of Greatness

  • Abɔlɔve, also known as ŋɔlɔƒi/Nolofi, is a renowned town with a heritage of greatness.
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25. Anyako-Konu – Embracing Diversity

  • Anyako-Konu is a land that covers Efe and Seva, embracing the diversity of Anloland.

26. Sasieme – The Spirit of Fiasienyeame

  • Sasieme, originally pronounced as Fiasienyeame, represents the spirit and vitality of its residents.

27. Abor (Abɔ) – A Town of Heritage

  • Abor (Abɔ) is a town that includes Heluvi, Atsiame, Weme, Kutsime, and Kutsidzi, preserving the rich heritage of Anloland.

28. Tsiame – A Tapestry of Villages

  • Tsiame encompasses villages like Netsime, Dɔveme, and others that continue to enrich the cultural tapestry of Anloland.

29. Asaɖame – A Neighbor to Tsiame

  • Asaɖame, a neighbor to the Tsiame community, plays an integral role in fostering unity and tradition.

30. Atiavi – A Historical Legacy

  • Atiavi, formerly known as “Adina,” covers Hatɔgodo, Agɔvinu, Lawoasime, Hɔtagbɔ, Gbetuinu, Aveli,


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