Berkmar High School Shooting Today Video Viral On Twitter, Reddit And Youtube

Georgia’s Lilburn is home to the American high school Berkema High School. There are about 2,912 students in grades 9 through 12 there.
The principal of the school is Durant Williams. The school opened in 1966 to relieve the overcrowding at nearby schools brought on by Gwinnett County expansion. Sweetwater Secondary and Berkmar Secondary are secondary schools that are close to BHS.

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In 2002, Berkmar added a new school’s main entrance, gym, two-story offices, classrooms, a media center, and an improved parking lot. In addition to having three school buildings, Berkmar also has two gymnasiums, a theater, and numerous portable classrooms. Near the football field are batting cages, driving ranges, softball diamonds, baseball diamonds, and four tennis courts.

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Football practice facilities were built on top of parking lots. Furthermore, as a result of the new football training facility, the classrooms became overcrowded.


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