Big Boogie, whose real name is John Bowman Jr., is a talented rapper from Memphis, Tennessee. He was born on March 25, 1991, in this lively city known for its rich musical history. Growing up in Memphis deeply influenced his love for music.


Despite his success, Big Boogie is quite young. He’s not as old as some might think. Born on November 4, 1996, he is currently 26 years old and will turn 27 in a few months.


We don’t have much information about Big Boogie’s formal education, but his real education came from the streets of Memphis. He learned about life by observing his neighborhood and used those experiences to improve his music.

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Big Boogie’s journey in the music world began as an underground artist in Memphis. He started by releasing mixtapes and singles, slowly gaining popularity locally. What sets him apart is his unique style, which features honest storytelling and a real portrayal of life in Memphis. His transition from the streets of Memphis to the national hip-hop scene shows his talent and determination. His music, filled with authenticity and raw emotion, resonates with listeners all over the country. As he continues to grow as an artist, we can expect more meaningful and relatable music from this up-and-coming star. Keep an eye out for Big Boogie as he solidifies his place in the world of hip-hop.

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Big Boogie’s songs showcase his storytelling abilities. Some of his notable tracks include “Mental Issues,” “Message To The Streets,” and “Bar Baby.” These songs are known for their powerful lyrics and the distinct Memphis sound, making them favorites among his fans.


Big Boogie’s big break came with his song “Mental Healing,” released in 2019. This song deeply resonated with listeners across the nation, demonstrating his ability to connect with audiences on a profound level. It catapulted him into the mainstream hip-hop scene, earning him recognition beyond Memphis.


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