Meet Joey Jones’ First Wife
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Meg Garrison is a woman from Dalton, Georgia, USA. She currently lives in Newman, Georgia, USA. Meg is American, and her ethnicity is White. She follows the Christian religion. Her father’s name is Allan Garrison, and she is married to Joey Jones. Together, they have four children.

Who Is Meg Garrison?
Meg Garrison is the wife of Joey Jones. Meg is the director of programs for the Boot Campaign, a military-focused non-profit with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. By providing personal life-improving programs, it was established in 2009 to bring Americans together in recognizing and restoring the lives of military and veteran families.

Meet The First Wife of Joey Jones

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Online sources have revealed that Joey was been in two marriages. He has not publicly confirmed this speculation and there is no know information about who the first wife of Joey was. It cannot be said when they got married neither can we determine how long the relationship lasted as his first wife’s identity is not known.

Who is Joey Jones?
Joey Jones is a former United States Marine Corps bomb technician and military analyst. He is also known for his work as a commentator and military analyst on various news networks. Joey Jones became a public figure due to his contributions to discussions about military and political issues, particularly related to veterans and national security.

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What happened to Joey Jones?

Joey lost both of his legs in a bomb blast while serving in Afghanistan. After his injuries, he became a motivational speaker, political commentator, and advocate for veterans. His story of resilience and recovery has been an inspiration to many.

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