Joey Jones is a remarkable individual who has made a significant impact in both the military and the media. As a former Marine, he bravely served his country, displaying unwavering dedication and valor. Following his military service, Joey transitioned into the world of military commentary, becoming a respected voice in the field. He currently works withFOX News Channel and FOX Business Network. His insights and perspectives on various issues have garnered attention and respect. Moreover, Joey’s advocacy for veterans and wounded warriors highlights his commitment to supporting those who have served. He serves as an inspiring example of resilience and dedication, making him a respected figure in both military and media circles.

If you want to find out about the family of Joey Jones keep reading this article as we will deliver deeper into his family members and what they are doing currently.

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Born in Georgia, United States of America, Joey’s parents are Joseph Edgar Jones and Joyce Marie Jones. The couple married in their early years and did their best to cater for the needs of Joey and his sister.
Jospeh Edgar Jones was a brick mason while his wife, Marie, was a stay at home mother taking care of the house. Though they didn’t have everything to pass for a rich family, Joey’s parents did their best to give him the best life.


Joey Jones has only one sibling, a little sister, Marsha Jones Dalton who was adopted by his parents. He was seven years old when his parents adopted her and as the only sibling Joey has, he is very close to her.

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Joey is married to his longtime high school mate Meg Garrison Jones. Reconnecting after years of losing touch since graduating high school, the twi met and again and rekindled their friendship which led to their marriage in 2012. Since Jones was in the military during that time, they had a military wedding and have been together since. Meg Garrison works with her husband in the same organization as the Director of Programs.


Children are the best products from every marital union. Joey and his wife, Meg have four children together. They both had a child each from their previous relationships and have made two children together since their relationship. They both have adopted each other’s child to keep their family one and United in love.


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