America’s motivational speaker, writer, influencer and entrepreneur, Brother Polight has been trending over the week for alleged sexual assault against his fiancé’s 14-year old daughter. Prior to this issue, Polight has been dragged in and out of court for similar crimes besides his criminal past. Growing up without his parents since his father abandoned them and his mother disappeared, he got involved in criminal activities to fend for himself.


Born in August 10, 1983 in the United States, brother Polight is currently 39 years old.

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Professional Life

After bouncing back from prison, brother Polight made a significant turn from his criminal ways to becoming an internet sensation. Publishing over 90 books, the influencer has produced books based on Black People and mythology. Besides his writing career, he is an influencer who has signed a couple of ambassadorial deals with some brands and companies who pay him to represent them. Finally, working as a motivational speaker, he uses his life and what he has been through to educate the youths and those who look up to him to thread on the right path in life.

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At an early age, brother Polight’s father abandoned him and his mother and later on, his mother also left him and disappeared. He practically grew up by himself and started fending for himself at a very young age. He later on reunited with his mother later in his adult years but sadly, she passed away after some time.

Brother Polight’s Net Worth

Being one of the people with “from grass to grace” story, brother Polight has seen success at this point in his life since his change and positive behavior. His net worth is estimated to be around $12 million.


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