Who are Austin Majors’ parents?
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Austin Majors, born Austin Setmajer was an American actor who started of his career at very young age featuring in NCIS where he got his fame. The child actor was well known for his role. Apart from NCIS, her has featured in other movies like, An Accidental Christmas, Treasure Island, Little Manhattan, An American Affair, etc.

Born on November 23,1995, in California, United States, Austin was out through school till he graduated university.Right after high school, he went on to get a degree in Directing and Music Producing at the USC School of Cinematic Arts.

Cause of Death

Austin Setmajers was a shock and blow to everyone who knew. As a young talent who had it in him, Austin was living in a homeless shelter where he was later rushed from to the hospital to be taken care of but sadly, he could not survive. Doctors revealed that he passed away due to fentanyl positioning, a dangerous substance which is usually found in fake medicines and hard drugs. The doctors declared that the intake of the poison was accidental. He passed away on February 11, 2023 at the County Hospital.

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Austin Majors Parents

The NYPD’s star did not capture his parents identities in his interviews and public life. There is no known information about his his family except for his sister, Kali Setmajer-Raglin who was also a child actor and has been in the spotlight for a while. It has been revealed that, prior to Austin’s passing, he lost one of his siblings, a brother and then finally, his death.

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