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David A. Arnold children: Who Is Anna-Grace And Ashlyn


Comedian David Arnold death is still a shock to many as many are still doubting he is truly death. As many are doubting some of want to know more about his personal life like if David Arnold had children? Well, you are at the right place as this article seeks to answer who David A. Arnold children are. So keep reading.

David Arnold was a well-known comedy writer and stand-up comedian from America.

David A. Arnold children: Meet Anna-Grace and Ashlyn

Comedian David Arnold before his demise was a married man with children. Arnold Arnold was married to Julie L. Harkness. Their union was blessed with two children called Anna-Grace and Ashlyn.

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Who is David A Arnold wife?

David A Arnold wife is Julie L. Harkness.

What does David a Arnold do for a living?

David A. Arnold was a comedian, and writer

Is David Arnold married?

Yes, David Arnold is married to Julie L. Harkness.

Did David Arnold pass away?

David Arnold pass away on 7th September, 2022

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What does Julie Arnold do?

Julie Arnold is currently an On Air Reporter for “Made in Hollywood” and kicked it up as a “New York City Rockette” when she became one of the 1st African American women to dance on line at Radio City Music hall!

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Who is David Arnold’s stepdad?

David Arnold’s stepdad is Bobby Massey

How tall is David Arnold?

6 ft 2 in

Is David Arnold on Netflix?

David A. Arnold’s second Netflix stand-up comedy special is his first Netflix original, thanks in part to executive producer Kevin Hart. Filmed in his hometown of Cleveland, it includes an hour onstage, followed by a short documentary about Arnold and the making of the hour.

Where is David Arnold comedian from?

David Arnold comedian is from Cleveland


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