Dehradun, when this name is taken the first thing that comes to mind is a natural beauty, hills, waterfalls, and yes this place is full of excitement and an excellent place for making a short weekend trip or a planned vacation. And if you are in Delhi then a Delhi to Dehradun trip is just a perfectly planned weekend getaway destination you cab go for.

Well before making a step here in this article we will discuss how to reach Dehradun from Delhi by various modes of transportation like railway, flight, and roadways. And where to stay once you reach your destination in Dehradun.

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Reaching Dehradun from Delhi:

Delhi to Dehradun via Railways :

Dehradun is well connected via railway. The nearest railway station to Dehradun is Dehradun station and you can board the train from New Delhi railway station and can reach Dehradun railway station. There are multiple trains available on this route. The train journey would usually take 6 hours to 10 hours to reach Dehradun from Delhi.

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To reserve a train ticket in advance visit the nearest railway station for booking or visit for booking online at your convenience. And always book your train ticket in advance to avoid the last-minute hustle.

Delhi to Dehradun via Flights :

The nearest airport to Dehradun is Jolly Grant Airport which is just 40 kms away from Dehradun’s main destination. You can hire any cab services from Jolly grant airport to Dehradun or avail bus services for reaching Dehradun.

There are many flights available from Delhi Airport to Dehradun Airport. And it usually takes 30 mins to 1 hour to reach depending on the flight type. For booking flight tickets you can visit any flight booking websites like Makemytrip, EaseMyTrip, etc for booking.

Delhi to Dehradun via road :

The distance from Delhi to Dehradun via road is around 150 KMs. And via roadway, there are two ways to reach Dehradun. One is to go via Bus. There are few buses available for your Delhi to Dehradun journey. And the bus would take around 7 hours to reach Dehradun. you can visit websites like Redbus, Yatra, goibibo, etc for booking bus tickets or can go to any local bus service providers in Delhi to avail bus. Book your bus ticket in advance to confirming your bus seat.

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Next comes the most comfortable and fun filling journey if you are with your friends, family, and loved ones. You can avail Delhi to Dehradun cab for your amazing road trip. The journey through cab will be much more exciting as you can take as many breaks as you wish and enjoy the whole trip with your friends, family and loved ones. moreover, the roads are full of scenic views so you can enjoy yourself while traveling by car. You just need to book any online cab service that offers cars at reliable and at affordable pricing. You can visit websites like Gozocabs, savaari, etc for booking your reliable cabs.

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Staying in Dehradun :

Once you reach Dehradun from Delhi, now the next part of your journey comes that is finding a suitable stay like hotels. So there are many hotels available ranging from 2 stars to 5 stars. The hotel’s price generally starts from around 1000 INR and you can book much more at the price as per your budget. Now the first thing you should look at while booking your hotel is the location, the location Dehradun where the majority of your travel plan lies. Next comes the price.

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Now, if you are a newbie to Dehradun then we would recommend not to find hotels in a spot as you may end up pricing much higher prices and some hustles. Better to book hotels from online websites like Oyo, Fab hotel, Makemytrip, Goibibo, etc. Must check the budget which you want to spend on your stay.


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