Derricka Patrick Cause Of Death


Derricka Patrick Cause Of Death is a very sad news for the family and her loved ones. At the age of 29 the young lady, Derricka Patrick was shot death on 12 January 2022.

Derricka Patrick Cause Of Death

Per information gathered so far by Patrick was pregnant with her second child before she was gun down to death on the 12th January 2022.

According to investigations made by the Chicago Police Department, Derricka Patrick was shot by two men who came out countless times.

The Chicago police revealed that their findings was through an unreleased surveillance footage.

Derricka Patrick mother has reacted to the news and this is what she has to say;

I can’t get my baby back,” mother Christine Blanton said through tears. “Y’all took my baby from me. God gave her to me for 29 years and you just ended my baby’s life like that.”

Her sister has also expressed how sad she was to hear how her lovely sister was killed.

Derricka Patrick cause of death

The cause of Derricka’s death according to an unreleased tape is that she was shot countless times by two men. These men haven’t been arrested yet but her family have released balloons in the scene. They are also begging the public to help find their daughter’s killers.

However the Chicago Police Department is offering about $15,000 rewards to anyone who helps them with the case.


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