DJ Janette Slack Cause Of Death

Janette Slack, a well-known international DJ, and producer based in Hong Kong, died earlier today. Continue reading to learn how DJ Janette Slack died, what happened to her, and what caused her death.

Slack has been described as a “true trailblazer” for women all over the world in an industry that has traditionally been dominated by men. She paved the way for women, particularly those from Asia, to lead the electronic music industry.

DJ Janette Slack Cause Of Death

Who is Janette Slack?

Janette Slack was a well-known Hong Kong DJ and music producer. She was a trailblazer for Asian and female DJs in a competitive and male-dominated industry. She was the owner of the Slack Trax label as well as a composer.

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Slack also taught young Hongkongers interested in mixing music. In the early 2000s, she began performing at London’s Torture Garden. She became a regular act at the famous fetish club before returning to Hong Kong to perform at some of the city’s most prestigious nightclubs.

Janette was frequently spotted at the most exclusive clubs, secret shows, warehouses, and junk parties. She was the first female winner of the Denon DJousts competition in London, as well as the Armada European Female DJ competition. Slack has worked with musical legends such as D. Ramirez, the Preset Warriors, Javone Prince, Kickflip, Fabian, and others.

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DJ Janette Slack Cause Of Death: How Did Janette Slack Die?

DJ Janette Slack died suddenly and unexpectedly on Tuesday, November 15, 2022. Her death occurred when she was 42 years old. The news that Janette Slack had died went viral, and people were quick to pay their respects. In an emotional Facebook post, her brother Trevor Slack announced the tragic news of her death.

“As hard as this is for me to accept, or anyone else for that matter, I know you are at peace,” Trevor wrote in the post.

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“Hong Kong has lost one of its brightest stars and right now it’s hard to imagine how the city will ever be quite the same. We are all in shock at the loss of this talented artist who inspired us all and enriched our lives, and our thoughts go out to her family in particular,” he added.


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