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Does Fred Astaire Have A Son?


Does Fred Astaire Have A Son? You landed on this page because you were searching for Fred Astaire son. In this article we shall look at whether Fred Astaire has a son or not, so keep reading.

Who is Fred Astaire son? Fred Astaire Jr. is the name of popular actor Fred Astaire son. He is Fred Astaire’s only son and oldest child.

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In 1936, Fred Astaire Jr. was born. He is the child of Fred Astaire and Phyllis Potter, his first wife. Phyllis and the couple were married up until her passing.

After his father passed away, Fred Astarie Jr. started a ranch and worked as a charter pilot.

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The son of Fred Astaire hasn’t made much news in recent years. He has entirely disappeared from society. There is nothing known about him.

In addition to Fred Astaire Jr., Fred Astaire had a stepson from a prior marriage to his first wife. He goes by Eliphalet IV (known as Peter). On him, there is no information available.

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