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Eduardo Tamayo: Everything About Tulsi Gabbard’s Ex-Husband


Eduardo Tamayo is an American businessman who is most known as the spouse of Tulsi Gabbard, a military veteran and democratic leader.

Who Is Eduardo Tamayo?

Eduardo is an American businessman born in the year 1981 in Hawaii, United States of America. He has height of 5 feet 8 inches and weighs 70 kg. Also he has a blonde hair and dark brown eyes.

Tulsi Gabbard Height, Biography, Husband, Family, Presidentship & Facts
Eduardo Tamayo: Everything About Tulsi Gabbard’s Ex-Husband

Eduardo became close friends with Tulsi when they were young and best friends. He earned his Business Management degree in college. Eduardo Tamayo and Tulsi Gabbard married in a very simple ceremony in 2002.

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Eduardo Tamayo and Tulsi Gabbard divorced because to Tulsi Gabbard’s commitment to her work as a military woman. They split on good terms in 2006 and have remained friendsever since.

Who Is Eduardo Tamayo’s Ex-Wife?

Eduardo Tamayo: Everything About Tulsi Gabbard’s Ex-Husband

Tulsi Gabbard is the ex-wife of Eduardo Tamayo. Gabbard is a U.S. congresswoman who represents the state of Hawaii. Tulsi Gabbard has represented Hawaii’s 2nd congressional district in the United States House of Representatives since 2012.

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Gabbard was born on the main island of Tutuila in American Samoa on April 12, 1981. However, she was born to Mike and Carol Gabbard. Gabbard was home-schooled for the most of her high school years. Moreover, she went on to Hawaii Pacific University to study business administration and received her bachelor’s degree in 2009.

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Eduardo Tamayo, Tulsi Gabbard's Ex-Husband: 5 Fast Facts | Heavy.com
Eduardo Tamayo: Everything About Tulsi Gabbard’s Ex-Husband

She was the first Hindu and the first Samoan-American voting member of Congress when she was elected in 2012. From 2013 to 2016, Gabbard served as vice chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). 

In October 2019, Gabbard declared that she would not seek a fifth term in Congress and would instead focus her efforts as a 2020 presidential candidate. 

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Eduardo Tamayo’s Net Worth

Eduardo Tamayo’s net worth is estimated to be $50,000.

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