Meet Andrea Shaw, The Biggest Female Bodybuilder in the World

Andrea Shaw, an American professional bodybuilding champion and physique and figure competitor, was born on December 18, 1983. She holds two Ms. Olympia titles and two Ms. Rising Phoenix awards. Andrea was reared in Detroit, Michigan. As a child, she enjoyed competitive cheerleading and gymnastics.

Meet Andrea Shaw, The Biggest Female Bodybuilder in the World
Meet Andrea Shaw, The Biggest Female Bodybuilder in the World

Her eighth-grade aerobics instructor at Benjamin Nolan Middle School taught her how to construct her own structures within the middle school because there were few organized sports or appropriate equipment.

She began studying in high school since she was exhausted from cheerleading and gymnastics after middle school. Her mother, a nurse, and former personal trainer encouraged her to start working out at the Powerhouse Gym in Highland Park, Michigan after she put on a little weight.

When she turned 15, she began going to the gym on her own. When she was 17, the female bodybuilder who trained with her mother began instructing her on muscle-building activities. She stated that she did not want to be a bodybuilder at the time, but rather a fashion model because she was not tall enough.

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Andrea’s training advisor told her mother when she was 18 years old that she didn’t think Andrea had the fortitude to continue training. This motivated her to work hard to improve her physical condition. One day, while working out at Powerhouse Gym, she came across an Oxygen Magazine, which was loaded with athletic fitness and sports models.

That would be her objective, she decided. But as soon as she began doing serious weight training, her body began to respond quickly, and she began receiving calls from people inquiring if she competed in muscle contests. She adored the physiques of figure competitors in publications but didn’t believe she had the size or development to compete as a bodybuilder.

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She placed third and fourth in two-figure competitions in 2008, but she didn’t think she was on the right track. She didn’t compete for 8 years. Andrea was enrolled at Wayne State University at this time when she began her studies in the exercise science program during her first year.

While getting a BA in fitness and sports science, she continued to increase her resistance training. She claimed that in order to pursue her academic aspirations, she neglected her physical health and gained approximately 20 pounds that year. To improve her physical health, she made minor changes to her diet and exercise program.

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She stated that she substituted baked chips for regular chips and spinach wraps for bread rather than eliminating particular foods from her diet. She began researching bodybuilding. She took an eight-year break after college to finish her bodybuilding studies. She interned at the Detroit Medical Center, worked in Beaumont’s physical therapy section, and obtained certification in both group and private training.


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