Elena Huelva Cause Of Death: How Did Elena Huelva Die? Elena Huelva, a Spanish social media influencer, died of cancer after saying goodbye to her followers.

The 20-year-old Seville native, who had nearly one million Instagram followers, battled Ewing sarcoma throughout her late adolescence. Elena was diagnosed with a rare type of bone cancer that primarily affects children and young people in 2016.

Elena Huelva Cause Of Death: How Did Elena Huelva Die?

In a devastating statement on Tuesday night, January 3, she announced that her situation had worsened and thanked her followers.

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She said: ‘My life has not been in vain.’

Social media Influencer Elena Huelva  dies from bone cancer?aged?20

The cancer sufferer held back the tears as she explained that ‘things are not going well.’

Lying in a hospital bed with tubes attached to her airways, the influencer said: ‘They found more disease in my windpipe, which is very dangerous, as you know, because that’s where we breathe. 

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‘I don’t need to say much more. I want to make it clear that I’ve already won.’

She spoke about wanting to make cancer a more visible issue, adding: ‘I know that my life was not in vain, because I fought and got what I wanted.’


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