Ghanaian comedian Funny Face was reportedly involved in a serious accident on Sunday night, March 24, 2023. The accident, allegedly caused by his driving under the influence, has resulted in a mother and her two children sustaining critical injuries.

An eyewitness shared with UTV that Funny Face appeared to be heavily intoxicated during the incident. The comedian purportedly lost control of his vehicle, colliding with the unsuspecting family. The eyewitness described the aftermath as deeply distressing and heart-wrenching.

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The injured mother and her two children were promptly taken to the hospital and are reported to be in critical condition. Concerningly, the eyewitness expressed uncertainty about the survival of one of the children given the severity of their injuries.

This incident involving Funny Face, who has been open about his struggles with mental health, has shocked and dismayed many of his fans. The news has left a significant portion of the Ghanaian community saddened and hoping for the swift recovery of the victims.


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