The Republic of Ghana after securing their independence from the British colonial government have failed to activate the freedom they anticipated to enjoy.

On the 6th of March,1957, the Republic of Ghana transitioned from a colonial government into a free and sovereign state, who had the capabilities of administering their country by themselves. In the words of the first Prime minister and President of Ghana, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, “the black man is capable of managing it own affairs.”

However, it turns out today that, Ghana as a country, which was once called “the gate way to Africa” has fallen short in utilizing and profiteering from all the natural resources its been blessed with in order to create an enabling environment which would enhance and serve all Ghanaians with economic freedom.

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Today, The Republic of Ghana is sixty-seven years after she gained total liberation from foreign rule. Yet, there is nothing significant to celebrate after several years of securing freedom. Ghana in her quest to display her prowess to the world after gaining independence have failed to focus on the main reason for which the forefathers of the land toiled and shed their blood.

The kind of democracy the Republic of Ghana has being practicing has been more harmful than helpful in the last two decades. Ghana has is currently experiencing the syndrome “leadership inefficiency.”

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Further, the various set-backs deteriorating Ghana as a sovereign state has been as a result of political leaders, religious leaders and traditional leaders failing abysmally to recruit measures that would propel Ghana into the streams of adequate social amenities and economic freedom which comes along with all other measures, needed for democracy to stand tall in any jurisdiction.

Metaphorically, Ghana is a land full of lions(Ghanaians) who are being led by sheeps (Leaders).

In this unpalatable state Ghana as a country finds itself, she can still recover from all the challenges she is being faced with, if there is a shake up in the kind of leaders being appointed to manage the country.

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There is nothing to celebrate, should leaders continue to master the trade of manipulation, self-centeredness and evilness whiles citizens continue to extinguish logical reasoning in appointing political leaders to steer the affairs of this great country called Ghana.


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