Lori McClinktock

How Did Lori McClinktock Die? Tom McClintock’s wife Lori passed away on December 15, 2021. She was a congresswoman from Northern California. According to a coroner’s report, McClintock suffered from gastroenteritis brought on by “intake of white mulberry leaf” and died as a result of dehydration.

Lori McClinktock

It’s unknown if she consumed a supplement, fresh or dried leaves, or tea, despite the fact that she had a “largely entire” white mulberry leaf in her stomach. She experienced a tummy ache the day before she passed away.

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But according to accounts, no one has ever before perished from white mulberry. Nausea and diarrhea are possible side effects of the supplement. Dr. D’Michelle DuPre, a retired forensic pathologist and former medical examiner, told KHN that white mulberry leaves “may tend to encourage dehydration, and part of the goals for that can be to assist someone loses weight, mostly through fluid loss, which in this case was just sort of extreme.” According to the study, McClintock had elevated amounts of nitrogen, salt, and creatinine in his body, all of which are signs of dehydration.


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