The founder and leader of All People Party(APC), Hassan Ayariga, has assured Ghanaians to bring all corrupt political leaders to book when he becomes the president of Ghana.

Mr Hassan Ayariga in an interview he granted to a local media outlet on Sunday 18 February 2024, fumed out all measured he will employ the moment he assumes office as the president of the Republic of Ghana with respect to corrupt political leaders who have embezzled and mismanaged state funds.

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“If you are a political thief pray that Hassan Ayariga doesn’t become president, if you are corrupt pray that Hassan Ayariga doesn’t become president.

“If you mismanaged our country, pray hard that Hassan Ayariga doesn’t become president because when I become president, all those who have mismanaged our money and resources, I will change their sleeping places,”  Mr Hassan Ayariga stated.

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Mr Hassan Ayariga further indicated APC Party’s interest to secure Parliamentary seats. Claiming this is as a result of his party being more visible and popular in the various constituencies. He added that APC party stands a chance of securing more parliamentary seats in the general elections.

“We are looking at winning 25 constituencies,” He said


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