America Idol’s 2021 star, Iam Tongi whose full name is William Guy Tongi, is a Hawaiian born singer who made it to the limelight through America’s idol. Born on September 1, 2004, the 19 year old now holds the record as the first person to ever win the show after it’s premier date since most of the winners were born before the show’s inception. To add to his list of achievements, Tongi is also the first Hawaiian singer to win America’s Idol.

Finding his love for music at a very young age, his family genuinely supported his passion as his father spend money on getting him his very first guitar which he used when he appeared on the show.

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Journey To America’s Idol

Iam had auditioned for the 20th season of the show but sadly got rejected which broke him as he lost his self confidence and trust in his talent. With his mother being by his side after his dad passed on, she registered him for again for the season which led to his biggest success story as they had moved from Hawaii to Washington, United States.
With the story of his dad’s demise and an amazing performance dedicated to him, Iam won the hearts of the judges and audience as they all stood and clapped for him after the performance. Moving to the next stage, he put in his maximum efforts and did his best which yielded the results he has seen today.

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Iam Tongi’s Weight

Tongi’s physical appearance releases a bulky boy for his age. He is a plus size and people wounded how many pounds he weighs as most plus sized people are surprisingly not heavy. With his robust figure, Iam weighs 230 pounds and has not lost weight since he came into the limelight.


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