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Tan France Husband: Are Tan and Rob France still together?

Tan France Husband

Tan France, the beloved fashion expert of Queer Eye fame, is fortunate to be married to his husband, Rob France. Together, Tan and Rob form an unbelievable couple, excited to take on the world as a power duo.

Tan France has come a long way since his days of running his small fashion business out of his childhood home of Preston, England. From providing fashion advice to Queer Eye stars and having his own Netflix show, Franc to Franc, Tan has really made a name for himself. Meanwhile, Rob France, who hails from Wyoming, has enjoyed a successful career in environmental sustainability and is now a physical therapist.

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At a glance, the couple could not be more different. Tan is a flamboyant and fashionable British man, while Rob is attractive, but low-key Wyoming man. But, despite their difference in personalities, the two have been in a loving marriage for over two decades.

Tan France Husband: Are Tan and Rob France still together?

The two first met when Tan, aged 23, was out clubbing with friends in England. He was instantly attracted to Rob and decided to visit Rob in his hometown of Wyoming. In no time at all, the two fell in love and got engaged. After seven years together, the two decided to get married in 2007 in a beautiful, intimate ceremony with just their closest friends and family.

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Since then, the couple has been nearly inseparable. They moved back to England together and remained there for several years. Finally, in 2016, Tan accepted his once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of the cast on Queer Eye and the couple had to relocate to the United States. Despite being over three thousand miles apart, they have made sure to stay close and spend as much time together as possible.

Now that Tan has secured his success in the entertainment industry, Rob has retired from his regular gig and is now a stay-at-home husband. Still, he keeps busy as an artist and continues to pursue his passion for sustainable living.

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