Best Things to do in Tema

Known as Ghana’s industrial hub, Tema also offers a surprising number of attractions for visitors. This coastal city provides an array of activities from visiting historic forts to enjoying beautiful beaches. This article highlights the 10 best things to experience in Tema when you travel there.

History of Tema:

Tema originated as a small fishing village, remained in that position until the independence of Ghana and following Ghana’s independence in 1957, Tema saw rapid growth with the construction of a large port in 1961. Tema once populated around 209,000 people in 2005 but its population declined to 161,612 in 2013 due to lack of social amenities.

How to reach Tema?

Kotoka International Airport is the closest airport to Tema, situated around 25 km southwest of the heart of Tema and operates flights from and to Kumasi, Takoradi, Tamale, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Beirut, Madrid, Banjul, Dakar, Monrovia, Cairo, Abidjan, Dubai, London, Rome, Lisbon, São Tomé and Istanbul.

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Take a Tour of Tema Harbour

One of Africa’s largest harbors, Tema Harbour handles most of Ghana’s imports and exports. Take a guided tour to see the major shipping and fishing operations that form the backbone of this busy industrial port. Watch the vessels come and go from the viewpoint at the administration building.

Relax at Ada Beach

Just outside Tema lies the picturesque Ada Beach, a serene stretch of golden sand and palm trees. It’s the perfect spot to relax and unwind. Take a swim in the Atlantic surf, explore the rocky coastline, or enjoy local seafood dishes at the beach shacks.

See the Tema Motorway

As the first motorway in Ghana, the Tema Motorway is a nationally important piece of infrastructure. Drive down this historic highway that connects Accra to Tema and appreciate its significance in Ghana’s development.

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Shop at Community 1 Market

For lively chaos and local commerce, head to Community 1 Market near Tema’s lighthouse. Try bargaining for fabric, household goods, foods, traditional crafts, and just about anything else imaginable in this sprawling open-air market.

See the Tema Fishing Harbor

At one of Africa’s largest fishing ports, watch the morning fish auction and see fishermen unloading their catches along the docks. The harbor has an array of seafood restaurants where you can try dishes straight from the sea.

Sakumo Lagoon Protected Area:

The Sakumo Lagoon Protected Area is a birdlife zone, situated 3 km west of the downtown Tema. The area is mainly for the population of Sandwich Tern Sterna sandvicensis, Black Tern Chlidonias niger and Spotted Redshank Tringa erythropus.

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Best time to visit Tema:

Tema can be visited throughout the year, although the most popular time among visitors is from November to February.

Accommodation options in Tema:

There are around 20 upgraded hotels in Tema with great hand in providing memorable hospitality services to visitors with all sorts of modern and traditional facilities as well as services like airport travel and arranging recreational activities. Some famous modern hotels in Tema are as follows:

  • Hotel Marjorie ‘Y’
  • SoftShade Hotel
  • Royal Nick Hotel
  • Ave Maria Health & Wellness Resort
  • Tema International Hotel
  • Kaysens Grande Hotel
  • Crismon Hotel
  • Gussys Hotel
  • Alexis Hotel
  • Le Domino Hotel
  • N’Joy Hotel
  • The New England Hotels
  • Mariam Hotel
  • Ramada Resort Accra
  • La Lune Lodge

See more of the hotels here


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