iOna Reine Husband: Meet Bishop Nana Kwame Owusu Okrah

Renowned Ghanaian songstress, Mercy Onuawonto Sam, professionally known as iOna Reine, and her partner, Bishop-Elect Nana Kwame Owusu Okrah, marked a significant milestone as they united in matrimony, surrounded by an atmosphere of love and jubilation.

The memorable event, held on January 11, 2024, unfolded in a picturesque setting at McCarthy Hills in Accra, encapsulating the essence of their love story. The ceremony witnessed an assembly of cherished family members, close friends, and well-wishers who converged to partake in the couple’s joyous union.

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The couple embraced their cultural roots as they immersed themselves in a traditional marriage ceremony, radiating happiness and affection. The ceremonial attire reflected their distinctive style choices: the groom adorned a vibrant shirt adorned with hues of red and green, while the bride exuded elegance in a pristine white ensemble complemented by a matching headgear and a captivating maroon belt.

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As iOna Reine and Bishop Nana Kwame embarked on this sacred journey, their union symbolized a blend of commitment, love, and shared aspirations, resonating with warmth and unity that resonated with everyone present.

iOna Reine Husband: Meet Bishop Nana Kwame Owusu Okrah

Is iOna Reine married? Yes iOna Reine Husband is called Bishop Nana Kwame Owusu Okrah. He is a pastor.

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