Lawyer Akoto Ampaw
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In Ghana’s legal profession, few names command as much respect as Akoto Ampaw. Known for his sharp legal mind and expertise in constitutional law, Ampaw has been involved in some of Ghana’s most high-profile cases. This article will provide an overview of Ampaw’s background, accomplishments, and recent work.

Lawyer Akoto Ampaw: Ghana's Foremost Authority on Constitutional Law
Lawyer Akoto Ampaw: Ghana's Foremost Authority on Constitutional Law

Lawyer Akoto Ampaw Biography

Hailing from the Eastern Region of Ghana, Ampaw graduated from the University of Ghana in 1974 with an LLB Honors degree in Law. He continued his studies abroad, earning a Masters in International Legal Studies from New York University in 1976. This set the stage for his distinguished legal career.

Ampaw returned to Ghana and was called to the bar in 1978. He went on to obtain his PhD in Property Law from King’s College London in 1987 at just 36 years old. Ampaw’s educational pedigree underpins his reputation as one of Ghana’s foremost constitutional scholars.

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Career Highlights

After starting his own law firm, Ampaw gained notoriety for legally challenging the military regimes that ruled Ghana in the 1970s and 80s. His brave stance against human rights abuses bolstered his reputation.

Ampaw was integral to the drafting of Ghana’s 1992 Republican Constitution after the country transitioned to democracy. He ensured the constitution guaranteed judicial independence and basic freedoms.

Among Ampaw’s career highlights was defending his cousin, President Kufuor, from impeachment attempts in the 2000s. More recently, he represented opposition parties challenging the 2020 election results.

Recent Work

Currently, Akoto Ampaw is the lead attorney for the plaintiffs in Ghana’s ongoing anti-LGBTQ+ bill case. He argues that the promotion of proper human rights aligns with Ghanaian values. This controversial case has again put Ampaw in the limelight.

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Now in his 60s, the constitutional lawyer continues to take on cases upholding justice and freedom. Ampaw’s tireless work has secured his position as one of Ghana’s most ubiquitous and respected legal figures.

Akoto Ampaw Wife: Was Lawyer Akoto Ampaw married?

Akoto Ampaw was wedded to Akua Ampaw, an accomplished lawyer and a respected lecturer at the Ghana School of Law. Together, they were blessed with four children. He held strong Christian beliefs and was an active member of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana.

Lawyer Akoto Ampaw death

Sadly, on the 20th of October, 2023, at the age of 52, Akoto Ampaw passed away. His untimely demise occurred at the University of Ghana Medical Centre (UGMC) following a brief illness. His passing reverberated with profound sorrow and astonishment among many Ghanaians, particularly his fellow legal professionals, close friends, and adoring family.

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Akoto Ampaw was eulogized as an exceptionally brilliant, unassuming, valiant, and principled legal luminary who ardently championed the cause of justice and human dignity.


From human rights advocacy to election challenges, Akoto Ampaw has handled some of Ghana’s most politically sensitive court cases. His keen understanding of constitutional law makes him a commanding presence in any courtroom. Ampaw’s lifelong legal career demonstrates a commitment to defending democracy and fairness.

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